Profile – Hitesh Sahni

Hitesh Sahni

Chairman & Managing Director

HSN Realty Services India Private Limited

“Observe yourself consciously to attain self-realisation instead of judging others; this continuous practice will transform your life” – Hitesh Sahni

Hitesh Sahni believes learning is a constant cycle and one should never stop learning and be evolving with age. As an Entrepreneur, he has established Companies which are running successfully under his able leadership.

He believes in an honest approach when it comes to dealing with Clients, which has won him the trust of his Clients and eventually repeated business from them. He has extensive knowledge of Business Management, Legal & Finance and hence brings on more than expected on the table for the Clients. His team members and subordinates look up to him as an irreplaceable mentor and Guru. The Companies mentioned hereinbelow have been established with a commitment to deliver the highest quality results to our esteemed Corporate Clients.

Hitesh Sahni is the Founder and has established the Companies mentioned hereinbelow with a commitment to deliver the highest quality results to our esteemed Corporate Clients:

Office Spaces

HSN Realty Services India Private Limited

A Leading Commercial Real Estate Company to offer best-suited quality office spaces to Multinational Organizations in India.


Office Interiors 

HSN Interiors Private Limited

A Premium Office Interiors Company exclusively for Corporate Clients.


Office Supplies

HSP Office Basics Private Limited

A Prominent Office Supplies Company in India which has established itself as One stop Solution for all the Office essentials under one roof. |



Obasix Industries Private Limited

A leading Company into manufacturing and importing of Creative Office Supplies essentials.


International Trading

HSF International Trading Private Limited

To carry the business of consultancy, trading and importing of various commodities including but not limited to finished fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials or intermediates for complex fertilizer manufacturers and other companies.

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