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Gurgaon Gr.Noida
Sole Option [3rd Sept 2014, By Financial Chronicles]
DLF eyes Rs 200 cr annual rent from 'Mall of India' in Noida [28 Aug 2014, By Financial Chronicles
DLF unveils luxury residential project in Gurgaon [13th Aug 2014, By Financial Chronicles]
Life with a metro [10th May 2014, By Financial Chronicles]
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Corporate Leasing Division is Dynamic. Our strength - Readily available updated property database,

Residential Property Division is exclusively for the Expatriates and Corporate Clients.

Our experts know the areas in and out. They understand your requirement and there

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About HSN
HSN Realty Services is a privately held real estate brokerage company that specializes in commercial properties in Delhi and NCR. It is headquartered in the most prime Central Business District (Connaught Place) of New Delhi, which is strategically positioned being the center of National Capital Region (NCR). This is to accommodate the rapid development happening in NCR and most importantly keeping in mind the customer's convenience. 

HSN Realty Services is exclusively focusing on Prime Commercial property leasing including leasing Commercial Properties in Central Delhi; Residential, Retail and even Industrial leasing. Since establishment, HSN Realty Services has cultivated numerous relationships and earned the trust of both the Indian Companies and Multinational organizations.

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